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Heath Padgett was in software sales in Austin, TX when he decided that the job and lifestyle didn’t suit him. Newlyweds, Heath and his wife Alyssa decided to trade a house in surburbia and a corporate career for a 29-foot RV and odd jobs across the country. Now they are living and working a lifestyle business that allows them unlimited travel and an always-on vacation.

Heath Padgett lives, works and travels full-time in an RV. Last year Heath worked a different job in all 50 states and just finished editing a documentary with his wife called Hourly America. Heath is a bit of an RV enthusiast (okay, a big one). He also hosts a weekly podcast called The RV Entrepreneur where he interviews nomadic entrepreneurs who have built businesses while traveling full-time.


Key Takeaways

  • There are jobs to be found in all 50 states, you just have to be willing to work them
  • When you are 23, there is an expectation that you should get a good job and travel later when you have money saved up
  • Why not seize the moment?
  • The downsized life is currently hip and cool
  • RVs aren’t just for retirees anymore
  • We exist in a culture of busyness and many feel the pressure to always be on, to never take a break
  • We need to calm down and not be so stressed
  • The top performers in sports focus on breathing and on breaks, we should too
  • Being reactive is like playing defense, you are waiting for life to throw it at you then be very reactionary
    • It’s very hard to get ahead in this mode
  • Being proactive is like playing offense, you are creating opportunities through thoughtfulness and investments
    • If you work hard and plan accordingly, you can build success and freedom
  • Home is wherever you go

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