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Podcast Overview

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What is Hello Tech Pros?
Hello Tech Pros is daily podcast where I interview professionals who work with technology about the mindset, tools and processes that have helped them build their career, build their products and build their businesses.
What is a podcast?
A podcast (also called Internet Radio) is an audio series downloaded from the internet and played on a computer or mobile device.


How do you listen to Hello Tech Pros?

Listeners can tune into Hello Tech Pros episodes from their computer or mobile device.

Apple devices have the Podcasts app built-in. On other devices, listeners can download apps like Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music or Pocket Casts.

Many new vehicles have podcast players built-in via Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

When viewing in a browser, each episode can be streamed directly within the show notes page via the player controls at the top of the page. It looks like this:

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What topics are discussed on Hello Tech Pros?
Each day of the week we discuss a recurring topic. The idea is to guide the listener through the week to help them build their career, build their product and build their business.

The daily topics are:

Who listens to Hello Tech Pros?
Hello Tech Pros has hundreds of daily listeners that tune in from around the world. Many have hands-on tech jobs like software development, server administration and UX design. Others are business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Listeners tune in to Hello Tech Pros to learn how to build their career, build their product and build their business through the seven daily conversations about Motivation, Productivity, Leadership, Technology, People & Communication, Entrepreneurship and Being Unplugged.

What type of guests appear on Hello Tech Pros?
Much like the audience, the Hello Tech Pros featured guests are a diverse bunch. They are technical professionals, business leaders and investors. Some have 30+ years of experience and others are new to their craft. They are software developers, designers, administrators, managers, CEOs, teachers, speakers, authors.

Regardless of background and current job, our guests are passionate about helping others build their career, build their product and build their business. We are constantly looking for new, diverse guests to join us on the show and share their stories.

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Interview Process

It’s easy and painless. Let me guide you through the steps.

1. Pick a Topic That You Care About

Career Development

You’ll share the mindsets, soft skills and leadership principles and techniques you’ve used to grow your career.

Product Development

You’ll share the design, development and launch process you used to build and market your software, app or tech product.

Business Development

You’ll share your startup story. We talk about the entrepreneurial spirit, successful mindsets, business and growth strategies.

2. Pick a Date & Time

Use my online scheduler to reserve your interview. Pick the date and time that best works for you. Reschedule at any time.

3. Mic up

The best quality audio is a Skype call using an external microphone. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, almost any mic is better than a phone handset. This Logitech headset is less than $15 and sounds 5x better than your cellphone mic.

If you’re looking for a super high-quality solution, I recommend the ATR-2100 microphone. It’s the mic I use for every single episode of Hello Tech Pros and is the best bang for your buck at about $80. I keep one mounted on my desk and a second in my laptop bag (see all my recommended resources if you want to get into podcasting).

Don’t worry. We can always fall back to a phone call if these options aren’t feasible for you.


Downloadable Documents

Here are two extra files to read which help fill in the gaps.

Interview Guide

Including Sample Questions


This document walks you through the podcast process and includes sample questions for each of the topics.

Perfect Guests

Rockstars, one and all


Still not sure if you’re qualified to be a guest on Hello Tech Pros? You probably are. This document explains why.


No More Interviews This Season

Season 1 is wrapped up. Check back later to reserve a spot on Season 2