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Eric Stroh is an experienced software developer and sports enthusiast. After teaching computer science for 15 years he joined the ranks of iOS developers at CapTech Consulting, building mobile apps for large financial institutions. When not mastering iOS Autolayout, Eric enjoys time on the lake and playing tennis.


Key Takeaways

  • AP Computer Science classes in high school were more procedural when they taught C and Pascal, but moved into object-oriented programming during a transition to Java and C++.
  • Working on bug fixes are a great way to teach someone about a legacy system.
  • We need more computer science classes in middle and high school.
  • When the team is co-located in an office, you can have ad-hoc face-to-face meetings with analysts and QA.
  • Working remotely, it’s more difficult to communicate with the other team members because you can’t just walk down the hall and say hi.
  • Messenger, video conferencing and phone calls are critical for remote workers.
  • To be productive from home, you must be extremely diligent and self-motivated.
  • Use your home office only for work. Don’t use the same room for entertainment, hobbies, etc. This will help keep you in the “work mode” mindset.
  • Having kids in the house will increase the distraction level. Schedule work activities during quiet periods and prepare for interruptions when they are around.
  • Being busy staves off boredom and “what should I do now?” time.
  • A work schedule that allows some days in the office and some days at home may be the best of both worlds for some roles.
  • Noise-canceling headphones can help in most environments.
  • Developers want to get in the zone and and lose track of time. You need enough work and a lack of distractions.
  • Keep social apps off the computer or closed throughout the day to help keep you focused. Context switching is bad.
  • Use a “Do Not Disturb” status on your messaging apps when you need quiet time.

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