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Eric Fisher is the .NET Content Author for Code School. He also has over 10 years of experience as a software developer.


Key Takeaways

  • Are you recognizing the extra effort and overtime that your salaried employees are putting in, or are you just docking them for taking time off?
  • From a Total Cost of Ownership perspective, it’s important to track time on projects and support, but not to belittle good employees.
  • Problem solvers and digital workers tend to put in extra work when they are “in the zone.” It doesn’t make sense to start something deep and involved when there is only 15 minutes left in the day.
  • The team members who speak up and challenge the status quo tend to grow into the spokesperson or team lead for the group.
  • Some companies make you feel like your individual voice doesn’t matter.
  • Soft deadlines can be moved, hard deadlines have dire consequenses. Be upfront and communicate the expectations clearly to everyone involved.
  • If you need more people, resource or time, find more people, resource or time. Don’t put your employees under undue stress for no reason.
  • Some people do not like conflict and find it difficult to speak up for themselves. We have to look out for everyone, not just those who are more vocal.
  • To get a group to buy into a new idea, discuss it with individuals one-on-one before the group meeting. Get their ideas and concerns out in the open in a non-threatening environment.
  • Bring up your concerns and escalate appropriately with upper management.
  • The employees are going to treat the company the same way the company treats the employees.


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