Working really, really hard and not getting anywhere… sound familiar? As a software development manager, Edward Fry struggled with rapidly changing business needs that resulted in meeting overload. Too much time in meetings meant that his day-to-day programming tasks were not getting finished. After stepping back and looking at the situation, he discovered that he could take control of the situation by managing the flood of meetings and emails.

Edward Fry advises enterprises on ways to streamline their software development to drive business results.  He has been working with IT for over 20 years and has been passionate about technology all his life.  Edward lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Linda, and 3 children.


Key Takeaways

  • Things won’t completely fall apart if you take a vacation
  • Reorient yourself and decide which roles really excite you
  • Help yourself and your team by delegating tasks to staff that want to grow
  • Limit your work in progress, don’t split yourself into 50 different directions
  • Proactively provide status instead of going to status meetings
  • Just say no to pointless meetings
  • Get away from office and areas where people can interrupt you

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