Dungeons & Dragons

I like to play D&D to get unplugged. Do you?

I’ve recorded a few podcast episodes about the subject and have a homebrew campaign that I’m building.

Podcast Episodes

Listen to each of the podcast episodes on creating a custom D&D campaign.

Part 1: 10 Business Lessons Learned in Roleplaying Games

Part 2: Interview Players for Your D&D Campaign by Playing Board Games

Part 3: Picking a Genre and System for your RPG

Part 4: Developing an Epic D&D Campaign Story

Part 5: Cultural Inspirations to Weave into Your D&D Campaign


My D&D Campaign — Nelgenzes Basin


Across the all lands where the springs and tributaries feed into the mighty Nelgenzes River, the primordial spirits are angry. Earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes, floods and wildfires which were once rare are now more common and deadlier than ever. Crops have been destroyed, herds of animals scattered and killed and entire communities have been wiped out. The primitive and diverse tribes that populate the region have assembled their tribal elders, warchiefs, shamans and scouts to determine how to pacify the spirits of earth, fire, air and water from their frequent episodes of wanton destruction.


This D&D campaign takes its inspiration from modern headlines and historical native cultures. Sign up to get access to the campaign notes and find out how to play with me.

Chad's D&D Campaign

Get access to my custom D&D campaign resources and find out how to play with me in my personal campaign.

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