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Dennis Green-Lieber is a product/business developer at Founders, a startup studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark and the co-founder of Dennis is a veteran in the marketing technology space in the agency world and turned into a startup kid as Head of R&D at, where he grew the team from 2 to 50 over 2.5 yr with $23M investment.


Key Takeaways

  • Lego is investor in Founders which builds companies from scratch through experimentation and iteration.
  • How do you unlock the employees potential through leadership?
  • Are you optimizing your work for the benefit of the company or optimizing for the manager?
  • Involve employees at every part of the process
  • 1:1s
    • Duuoo faciliates the process, frequency consistency & committed.
    • Sometimes managers don’t know what questions to ask.
    • “What have you been proud about in the last month?”
    • Whatever you agreed in meetings, hold each other accountable.
  • Managers start 1:1
    • Put it on the calendar.
    • Never cancel or move it, plan around it.
    • The goal of the first few meetings is to build rapport and get to know each other.
    • Pick a question that is uncomfortable to ask.
    • Be open and honest and vulnerable.


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