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As a software architect, David Walker looks for the “story” behind the software: what do the users need, how will they interact with technology and what will it help them accomplish. After being highly productive at work, David looks for ways to enhance productivity outside of work by taking the lessons learned from software development and applying them to everyday problems.

David Walker is a software architect, mentor and blogger.  His never-ending mission is to improve user’s lives with better software and developer’s lives with better software development methods.


Key Takeaways

  • Everything is a story; find the beginning, middle and end of the tasks that the users are trying to accomplish
  • Facilitators should make sure introverts get a chance to share their thoughts
  • Adhere to meeting protocols such as start/stop times and clear objectives to cut out the time-wasting discussions
  • Respect the people you work with (and live with), listen to them
  • Summarize what you heard to get it right and let the communicator know you care
  • Use project planning principles in your everyday life

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