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David S. Platt teaches .NET programming at Harvard University Extension School and at companies all over the world. He’s the author of 11 programming books, including Why Software Sucks (Addison-Wesley, 2006) and Introducing Microsoft .NET (Microsoft Press, 2002). Microsoft named him a Software Legend in 2002.



  • Minio Cloud Sever – Store photos, videos, VMs, containers, log files, or any blob of data as objects.


Key Takeaways

  • People want more and better, continuously.
  • Developers used to think software should not be easy to use (job security).
  • Users now insist on easy to use interfaces and are now ready to pay for it.
  • Avon lost $125 million on a bad UX software when their employees refused to use it.
  • Target lost $5 billion trying to expand into Canada but failed somewhat do to bad UX on their software.
  • Start designing systems from the user’s perspective first.
  • Go to the places where the users use the the software and observe their demographics and use patterns.
  • Develop a persona that describes and names the user as an individual. We care more about specific individuals than an amorphous idea.
  • A lot of geeks got into software development (including Chad back in the day) because they didn’t like or didn’t know how to talk to people.
  • The best UX is invisible (or no) UX.


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