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“Your job is to make me not worry about mobile.”

When David Okun’s new manager empowered him to take ownership of the mobile application, David took it upon himself to implement a new process across the team. Initially met with a collection of eye-rolling, David ignored the negativity and slowly introduced practices that increased the productivity across the whole organization. His approach included a self-deprecating humor that showed the team that he was an easy-going individual that was open to feedback.

David Okun is the Lead Mobile Developer at IDScan Biometrics Limited in London, England. He is responsible for managing and progressing the vision of the mobile product, the people who work on the team and the customers that use it. As an iOS developer, David has published multiple apps across the Apple App Store, most of which are on open source on GitHub.


Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is the most important aspect of app development
  • Be proud if your app was downloaded 1,000 times
  • Find your audience online, Twitter for example, and connect with them before launch
  • Empower your skilled workers and they will motivate themselves
  • Don’t try to change everything in a single setting, implement small changes and measure the difference
  • Give public recognition
  • People can tell when you’re blowing smoke – be genuine
  • If you can understand what makes people laugh then you can understand what makes them happy and therefore motivate them
  • When someone tells you something can’t be done, prove them wrong

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