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David Crook is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist formerly of Microsoft Consulting Services.  He is focused on Data Science, Machine Learning and High Performance Computing.  He is also known as the Mad Scientist on his team.


Key Takeaways

  • Are you a mad scientist?
    • Scientist = someone who pursues knowledge in a structured way
    • Mad = uncontrollable and disastrous
  • Twitter is a cesspit of language
  • Studying the interactions of AI is really the study of how real humans interact
  • Many experts in the field of data science are mathematicians first and programmers second
    • It’s all about being able to prove your results and make sure they are consistent and reproducible
    • Using math models to represent the data instead of a lot of if-then-else blocks
  • SCADA systems in oil and gas industry has very complex problems of monitoring 100,000’s of data points and analyzing for leaks, equipment failures, etc
  • Azure machine learning tool has given the old systems an easy UI
    • Experts can build and train a model in less than a day, used to take months
    • Allows data scientists to solve different types of problems faster
    • Get nice added features that didn’t get before
  • The amount of machine learning capabilities available on high-end cell phones are incredible
    • Some problems may be able to move out of the cloud and onto the device
    • You can distribute map/reduce problems to cell phones
  • More programming languages are supporting machine learning frameworks, meaning more developers can solve machine learning problems
  • If you want to get into machine learning, just start building
    • Find a problem and start working on it from a mathematical perspective

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