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This construction worker, $38k in debt, decided to spend an extra $300 to ensure he got to a video game conference. The experience changed his life.

Dave Voyles is a construction worker turned Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and it based out of Philadelphia, PA. His role has him working with students and startups across the country to help get their projects off the ground. His work frequently has him working with game consoles, web development, and high performance mobile applications.


Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes you have to take a job, ANY job, to pay the bills
  • If you are getting deeper in debt, evaluate the situation and look for alternatives
  • Facebook (AKA: “Fakebook”) shows the highlight reel of friends and family, only their best moments
  • You have to invest in yourself, even if you are already in debt
  • A missed opportunity is gone forever, but if you take it, it may change your life
  • Keep an optimistic mindset on everything you do
  • When getting into a new industry, take a pen and paper and listen more than you talk
  • Business cards are not dead – they are critical for networking
  • Create a simple website to start marketing yourself
  • Network and learn – talk to as many people as possible
  • Find out what you are passionate about and figure out how you can make money at it
    • Look at other people in the industry – how do they get paid?
  • People do care what you think – put your thoughts out in the universe
  • Indecision IS a decision, but ANY OTHER decision is better
  • Make something, anything and get started today

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