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Dave Chesson is the author behind, a site devoted to teaching authors advanced books sales tactics and strategies. Dave’s helped authors all over the world increase their sales and does it freely.  Just recently him and his team created KDP Rocket, a software that gives authors key marketing data to ensure their book will succeed on Amazon before they even write it.


Key Takeaways

  • You don’t have to be a naturally good writer to write and sell books.
  • Fail forward. It’s the challenge and overcoming the failure that’s fun.
  • Niche websites are doing well at 10k hits a month.
  • Amazon is a search engine.
    • Keyword research and SEO is equally important in Amazon as it is for Google.
    • You need to prove to Amazon that you will make them more money than your competitors.
    • Amazon rankings are influenced by traffic volume, number of purchases and great reviews.
  • Do the research and see if your book going to be successful before you write it.
    • Type in your idea, search and look for books to show up. Are they selling? Are there reviews?
    • If no one is buying, you may not want to get into that market.
    • Amazon Best Seller Rank ranges from 1 to 4.7 million. Type this number into the Amazon Sales Rank Calculator tells you how sales are being generated.
  • Can you beat the competition on the market?
    • Your competitive advantage may be  a better book cover, a more engaging title or better SEO.
  • Develop a skill. Having one thing you’re an expert at is more effective than being a jack of all trades.


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