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Corey Grusden has been programming computers for 25 years, and has built software for government, education, and numerous companies. A few years ago he decided to cofound a software development consultancy to build web and mobile apps. They have been profitable since day 1. Corey’s entire team works remotely, and through a dedicated process, build applications and platforms as efficiently as possible.
Corey started programming at eight years old. He’s been working on growing a software agency that builds web and iphone applications. He also recently moved to Philadelphia!


What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Why leaders need to stop thinking about competing with the other division leads and start collaborating across silos.
  • What happens to the company culture when you don’t listen to your employees.
  • How a team lead should respond when presented a crazy idea that you don’t believe will work.
  • How to make calculated risks on innovation.
  • The emotion that destroys people’s ability to lead.
  • What you can do today to improve morale in your team.


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