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Since he hasn’t had a boss, Christian’s had to come up with his own ways of making sure he stays productive. Today he shares his 3-step productivity system that gives him perfect memory and allows him to always know what to do next.

Christian Genco is a software micropreneur who hasn’t HAD to work since September 2014 (two years after graduating college), when his internet side projects started making more money than he was spending. He and his wife are on track to financially retire before they turn 30.


Key Takeaways

  • The valuable things in life aren’t stuff
  • The real resource to maximize in life is time, so money exists to maximize your time
  • Are you squandering your opportunities by wasting time?
  • Christian’s productivity system
    • Consolidate all notes from all inboxes into a single system
      • Inboxes = Email, calendar, todo list, reminders, Evernote, whiteboard, etc
      • Whichever tool you like the best and will actually use
    • Clarify the best possible outcome
      • Make it as stupidly easy as possible for your future lazy forgetful self to complete the action
      • The goal is to have all the prep-work complete so that when it is time to execute, you are only executing, not thinking
      • Act like the manager for your future self
    • Do the work
      • Build routines
      • Start your day with a morning routine
      • Write a daily mantra (and don’t speak it aloud)
      • Write down one thing you could do today to have a successful day
      • Use the pomodoro method to estimate and plan work (25 minutes of focused work with mandatory 5 minute break)
      • Focus on one task, do not multitask
  • There is no perfect system so experiment

Resources Mentioned


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