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Chris Surdak is an award winning author, futurist, technologist and former rocket scientist.  Chris writes about technology disruption and help companies navigate the accelerating changes around us.


Key Takeaways

  • Set a longterm goal with meticulous planning, be flexible to change in the future, monitor along the way, and be open to frequent fast failure.
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong or make a mistake.
  • Look at the bigger picture and outcomes that employees generate before nitpicking the operational metrics.
  • We need destructive, disruptive innovation, but it’s harder to implement than incremental change.
  • If you want to start innovating, you have to stop improving.
  • You can assume that your ability to improve your business is good.
    • Identify the exceptions and outliers and focus on improving them.
  • In what circumstances do you want your employees to make a judgment call and “break” the rules for the betterment of the organization?
  • We have transitioned through 2 trinities of power.
    • The Analog Trinity was about bureaucracy, process and rules. It was about growing capital.
    • The Digital Trinity now consists of mobility, social media and analytics. It is about growing information.
  • The millennial generation naturally understands the Digital Trinity but the Analog generations need to learn to adapt. Everything that we’ve done to be successful in our past careers is now “wrong.”
  • In an age of disruption, if you’re comfortable you’re getting something wrong. You have a 98% of getting it wrong and a 2% chance of getting it right.


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