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“It’s going to be ok.” Chad Lowe wondered if he would ever find out the gender of his unborn baby or ever see that baby born. The individual that had brought a gun into Chad’s bank made him question if he would be going home that evening or not. But when his employee asked if they were going to survive or not, he reassured her that everything would be okay.

In this episode, Chad Lowe shares the harrowing tale of the hostage situation, the SWAT team and the aftermath that he and his employees had to endure and the mindset he used to carry on.

Chad Lowe is the assistant Vice President of Operational Training for BancFirst, one of Oklahoma’s largest and highest rated financial institutions. Chad has been with the company since 1999 and his job mainly includes leading in-person and e-learning modules to the company’s 1500+ employees. He also assists with technical writing, software documentation, and testing of software updates.


Key Takeaways

  • Think about end-user customization when designing software
  • Have protocols in place for the “statistically unlikely”
  • Do your best to remain calm in a situation where there is no protocol
  • Even when you fear the worst, remind everyone (including yourself) that it will be okay
  • Despite what’s happening to us, we still have commitments
  • Good things will happen to you if you’re doing a good job
  • Despite what’s happening to us, we still have commitments
  • Don’t ever give up

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