Career Hyperdrive

This free 7-day course will have your career making the jump to lightspeed without feeling like you’re running from bounty hunters.

UPDATE: The Career Hyperdrive course is currently down for repairs. Until re-launch, check out the career quiz for software developers and learn how to make more money and earn more respect.


The Career Hyperdrive Course - Your chances of successfully navigating the career ladder without it is 3,720 to 1
The Career Hyperdrive Course is a free 7 day email and audio course for technical professionals to help launch your career into hyperspace. Each module in this course is designed to help you overcome a major barrier to your career growth.


Here’s what you’re going to get out of the course.


  • The motivation you need to overcome your biggest career obstacles and navigate asteroids.
  • Productivity tips to help you crush it at work without killing your personal life (leaving more time at the cantina).
  • Jedi mind tricks that will build your respect and influence across the organization without needing to move into a management track.
  • A droid masterclass that’s going to guide you through the process of selecting the right technology for the right problem, every time.
  • Social engineering hacks to break into the elite inner circles and get a seat at the Jedi Council.
  • A strategy that will raise your value (and salary) within your organization and increase your reputation and negotiation power across the galaxy.
  • The peace of mind to unplug from the job without the guilt of leaving your friends to fight the Death Star on their own, or the fear and anxiety of being pursued by bounty hunters.



Career Design Patterns

Refactor your soft skills and architect an amazing career path in software development