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Bryan Sherlock encourages leaders to build trust with their team and understand what they most value.

Bryan Sherlock has been an Information Technology Leader for over 18 years. He’s held numerous leadership positions focused on the varied aspects software development teams, including Solution Design, Data Design, Application Development, SAP ABAP, System Integration, Data Development, Database Administration, and Platform Administration.


Key Takeaways

  • Leading people is the same regardless of the team or roles of individuals
  • People all have desires and motivators, we need to connect with them at that level
  • Software development environment is different today than 15-20 years ago
    • In the past, a leader was expected to slide a pizza box under the door of technical professionals and just “let them work”
    • Today we want technical professionals to be highly engaged, to communicate and to be part of a team
  • A leader’s role is about building and growing the team for the future
  • Everyone makes mistakes, we must allow employees to try new things without fear of retribution
  • Leaders must understand the individuals on the team, learn about them and learn what’s important to them
  • Trust is essential – once you get people to trust you and you trust them, then forward progress can be made
  • Help employees understand how the work they do maps to the corporate value and goals
  • There’s a time to work on strategy and a time to step up and get things done
  • Decompose complex problems into smaller tasks and take action to continue to move the ball forward
  • The key to estimating is understanding the expected outcomes
  • People are the most important assets, treat them with respect, challenge them and provide them with feedback in a timely manner

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