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Brian Freid breaks down the difference between upward management and servant-leadership by discussing examples of both during his years in software development. He also takes the time to explain the similarities and differences between various management roles.

Since 2001 Brian Freid has held several management positions from Resource Manager to Program and Project manager. Brian has worked in several industries from Games Development to Hospitality, Resorts, Telecom and Hospitals. While the industries vary, the people, management and challenges within those industries have many commonalities. Being adept in any of these roles provide Bryan insight across these industries and team structures.


Key Takeaways

  • Resource manager is ultimately responsible for your career path within the organization
  • Project manager is responsible for the delivery of a project and focused on timelines, deliverables, resources required
  • Program manager is responsible for multiple projects
  • Some managers have multiple roles
  • Upward management is focused on your boss’ expectations and concerns
  • A good boss empowers their team and protects them from outside impacts, including upper management
  • Executives want to acknowledgement of an issue and that there is a plan in place, not all the details
  • A good leader must participate at whatever level they are currently working at
  • Great leaders support the manager above them as well as the team itself
  • Leaders want to help others, they coach, teach and mentor
  • To be a good leader you must first be a good servant

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