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When you work for your mom, there is a ceiling on how high you can climb. After facing his deepest lack of motivation, Brandon Schaefer decided to leave the family business and go out on his own. Today he helps mid-sized businesses determine the steps to achieving their next level of success after they’ve knocked out the low-hanging fruit.

Brandon Schaefer is a corporate business strategist whose strengths lie in helping organizations improve their sales processes, improve their client and prospect communications, and improve their lead generation campaigns.


Key Takeaways

  • Small business owners start by knocking out the low-hanging fruit, but can get discouraged when the fruit get harder to reach
  • As long as someone else is paying your check, you have limits on how far you can grow
  • People can go through their whole lives not being what they want to be
  • You need to listen to your body and your emotions
  • When you’re not sure what will make you happy, just start walking – try something new
  • On a journey of self-discovery, learn, read and write daily
  • Stop waiting for perfection, just get started
  • Choose to work with clients that want to push the limits and aren’t afraid to fail
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
  • If several people tell you that you are good at something, look into working with it — is it a passion?
  • Don’t let your parent’s or the public’s beliefs get in your way
  • Sometimes the most critical people are the ones closest to you — don’t let that stop you
  • All of the low points in your life are the biggest assets you carry with you
  • Don’t ever quit, the phone with the perfect deal may be tomorrow
  • When things are going well, work twice as hard
  • When things are going bad, work 7 times as hard
  • You don’t have to be great to start, just start to be great

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