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Ben Bostic is an experienced, cross-industry Software Executive & Product Architect. Survivor. Artist. Life is my favorite medium. Every day is a blank page. Wanderlustful.

Ben was one of 155 survivors on the US Airways Flight 1549 from NY La Guardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International which experienced an emergency water landing in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009.


Key Takeaways

    • Life changing events can lead to reflecting on life goals.
    • In survival-mode, your mind filters out things that aren’t helpful.
    • When was the last time you looked at the safety card in the back of the seat on a flight?
    • In a life-threatening situation, your mind can flux back and forth between peace and anxiety.
    • Move forward to the nearest exit in front of you, rather than moving backwards down the aisle.
    • If all your worldly possessions are sinking to the bottom of a river, do you really care?
    • Survivor’s guilt can affect everyone involved. It’s questioning whether or not you could have or should have done anything different.
    • Try to live in the now. Don’t worry about the past or regrets.
    • Have goals and dreams. Focus on building stronger relationships. Get rid of negativity and surround yourself with more positive people.
    • When life flashes before your eyes, will you regret the things you have yet to do?
    • The move “Sully” premieres September 9, 2009.


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