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If you’re painting a picture of a sunset and someone tells you to add a dolphin, does that person’s idea represent your vision? If not, Bear Cahill recommends that you thank them for the input and move on. Entrepreneurs have to strike a critical balance between building community and social presence, and staying true to the founder’s vision. Bear suggests that you surround yourself with like-minded people who “get you” and share in the vision to achieve success.

Bear Cahill has been coding since the age of 12 and professionally since 1993. He’s worked for IBM, Ericsson, Travelocity and most recently, for the last 8 years, as a freelance iOS developer. He has developed and contributed to dozens of mobile apps, is the author of “iOS in Practice”. and teaches iOS development to companies around the country. He’s also had his share of tech and non-tech related businesses ranging from greeting cards, children’s animation and donuts… square, baked donuts.


Key Takeaways

  • Don’t get into the restaurant business unless it’s a true passion
  • Food services is hard, hard work
  • Entrepreneurship is about signing your own paycheck
  • Focus on content and the marketing will take care of itself
  • Keep your vision pure, don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen who don’t share the same vision
  • Solicit feedback but don’t compromise your art
  • Being true to your vision is more difficult when you work in a committee
  • Don’t start the bus until everyone is on board – assemble the right team
  • Social networking is key to kick off your business
  • Find people who speak your language and connect with them
  • Make yourself a little bit vulnerable, no one ever said “I wish I met fewer people”
  • Identify your goals – is it about money, or do you want flexibility and freedom?

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