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Basel Farag is an iOS/Other Developer/Mentor/Tech Writer. He’s been published in TechCrunch and the Simple Programmer and writes regularly on all things Swift/iOS and tech on his blog: He regularly appears at iOS Development Conferences across the U.S. and the world, writes and speaks on topics surrounding Swift and Machine Learning/Scientific programming and is currently writing a book. Basel is the author behind the controversial “Please don’t learn to code,” and is vocal about the rights of marginalized communities in tech. He learned to code only a few years ago but he’s achieved modest success regardless.


Key Takeaways

  • Basel’s book on Metal framework is publishing Dec 2016 or Jan 2017.
  • Demotivation can build up slowly over time.
  • Anxiety attacks can lead you to ask the question “Why am I even trying?”
    • You need to have a response ready to provide motivation.
  • Every day you have a choice to get up or not.
  • What have your family and mentors sacrificed to get you where you are today? What are you willing to do to further their dreams for you?
  • Haters can be a great source of motivation.
    • It’s fun to prove people wrong.
    • Are they belittling you because of you or because they want to feel better about their own situation?
  • In tech, egos are huge. We are all proud of our intellect, experience and expertise.
  • No matter what anyone says, ignore them. Protect your dream and go after it. You can keep going, even when you fail.



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