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Avrohom Gottheil helps businesses save time and money by ensuring they have the right technology in place to effectively optimize their business communications.  Avrohom has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, and businesses from all over the world have reached out to him for his expertise in assisting them with installing, managing, maintaining, and training them on their phone systems. This past year Avrohom’s company, SimiPlex Technologies, launched a new product portfolio which enables him to help businesses take their communications to the cloud!


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Why being self-aware is more important than being good at your job.
  • Why having the right support system in place is critical to your business success.
  • The best way to ensure that your company grows and evolves.
  • Why Avrohom hired 3 coaches simultaneously and the biggest lesson they taught him.
  • How to fold time and find shortcuts to success.

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