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Most people launch their product to the sound of crickets instead of fireworks. The reason is because their pre-launch sequence failed to ignite (or worse, they didn’t have one). Arne Giske is running a 7-Day Entrepreneur Improvement Challenge and is giving away the case study on the exact pre-launch sequence he used to get this challenge off the ground.

I want to extend a special invitation to join Arne’s 7-Day Entrepreneur Improvement Challenge (it’s completely free) first because it’s packed full of great information, second because I will be one of the 7 featured guests within the challenge. I’ll be visiting Arne on Day 4 to talk about Tech & Tools, specifically on how to implement a Technology Decision Process. Sign up for the challenge now.

Arne Giske is the host the Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast where they share startup stories from young business people worldwide. He is also the founder of Giske Business Network, an agency that focuses on mobile app development and digital product launch strategies. He is an advocate for youth entrepreneurship, a fan of frameworks, and a few short months out from launching multiple mobile apps with his team.


Key Takeaways

  • Most people launch their product or service to the sound of crickets instead of fireworks.
  • You need to focus on the pre-launch marketing sequence as much (or more) than the product development.
  • Find a core group of ideal users.
  • Find a list of competitors and read the one- and two-star reviews.
  • Prepare your toolkit, including digital marketing channel, email lists, landing page.
  • As you tell people about your idea, guide them towards your landing page and get them on your email list.
  • Involve your audience in the story of your product.
  • Focus groups and beta testers are your goldmine. The more feedback they give, the better your can focus.
  • Nurture the community and help them understand why you are there to help.
  • The last couple of weeks before launch is the most criticl time. Hit every marketing channel hard and give customers great deals. “Hook them up!”
  • Give a cutoff date and stick to it.
  • Arne is launching a 7-Day Entrepreneur Improvement Challenge.
    • Day 1 – Mindset
    • Day 2 – Fitness
    • Day 3 – Education
    • Day 4 – Tech & Tools <— CHAD IS THE FEATURED GUEST ON DAY 4!
    • Day 5 – Relationships
    • Day 6 – Sales
    • Day 7 – Media
    • Day 8 – Recap
    • See the case study on how this challenge was launched.
  • Sign up for the 7-Day Entrepreneur Improvement Challenge and get exclusive access to my Technology / Solution Decision Process cheatsheet, which will help you pick the right tool for the right job and quit wasting time and money on shiny objects.


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