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This founder’s company is providing the backend services to power your next Uber-like idea. Indemand let’s you build an on-demand business in minutes.

Originally from Nottingham, England, Alex Saidani is an entrepreneur and self taught developer since the age of 13. Alex has helped change the world by giving communities in Africa access to clean water with GiveMeTap a YCombinator company, founded Hashtrack a social media analytics company, chosen to represent Britain as one of the top innovators and is now disrupting the on-demand economy with Indemand, a 500 Startups company. Alex did all this before the age of 22.


Key Takeaways

  • Many software developers get started from tinkering instead of through computer science courses.
  • Alex’s first app got rejected from the app store because it was a web-hybrid app that should have just been a web application.
  • Song of the Day app was the first app approved.
  • Alex packaged his physics notes for high school in an app, charged £1.49.
  • Indemand is like Shopify for on-demand apps. Instead of building an e-commerce system you can set up a system like Uber on Indemand to manage the products and services, customers can make orders and drivers can accept jobs.
  • Thanks to Uber a lot of people’s expectations have changed. Everyone wants to place an order, track it, rate it and get it within the hour.
  • The technology at the heart of Indemand is websockets, Google Maps, Twilio using Angular 2.
  • In the future, Indemand  API will allow people to customize the ordering system. Available before the end of 2016.
  • To get your startup productive quickly, use technology with which you already have experience.

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