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You can panic or you can take ownership of the situation. When Alan White discovered he had cancer, this was the decision he had to make. With his new perspective on life, Alan lives to enjoy the journey. For him, things have become easy. Laid off from his job? No problem, there will be another one. Diagnosed with a second form of cancer? Alan just laughs.

Alan White is a technology visionary, strategist, innovator and solutions expert with over 20 years’ experience in IT. He is a graduate of Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland. Alan has worked in both SMB companies as well as multi-national corporations in varying leadership and technology roles. Today Alan is the cloud strategy principal for TierPoint based in Oklahoma City, OK, aligning “as-a-service” technologies to business goals. TierPoint is one of the nation’s leading cloud providers offering multi-tenant, private and hybrid options.

Alan is a 2 time cancer survivor, competitive cyclist and currently resides in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife, 3 children and 3 dogs.


Key Takeaways

  • Move only what make sense to the cloud, not everything
  • Infrastructure refresh projects take a huge amount of capital, look for providers to save money
  • The customer shouldn’t care about the infrastructure running their services, they just want the services
  • Business focused conversations are about solving the business problems, not the IT problems
  • Get regular health checkups
  • Know what your health “baseline” feels like, and see a doctor if you feel like you’re trending off your baseline
  • Take control of your situation, be proactive and don’t be a victim
  • Take time out to play with your kids as much as you can
  • Little things called “living life” is what its all about
  • Waking up each and every morning is an opportunity to do something different
  • The world is about experiences, it’s not about things
  • Talk to people who have cancer, be curious and ask honest questions

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