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In an intern position, Alan was faced with an uninspiring role and a deadline that extended many years past his internship. After fighting procrastination and low levels of productivity throughout the internship, Alan realized he needed to find roles which aligned to his level of interest and social needs.

Alan LePera is a geophysicist with interests in the application of seismic visualization and interpretation for hydrocarbon exploration and development using geophysical tools and methods for in situ remediation efforts. He enjoys camping bowling horror movies and video games.

Key Takeaways

  • Biological and social needs can have a negative impact
  • If the timeline is too long, procrastination can be a problem
  • Level of interest makes the biggest impact in personal productivity
  • Not hitting productivity goals can lead to stress that manifests in physical discomfort and sickness
  • Trust in your team members is critical to accomplishing group tasks
  • Collaboration rooms can help solve technical problems together

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