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Adam Wallschlaeger started his own consulting and training business 3 years ago, seeking to help business professionals and job seekers use LinkedIn to accomplish their goals.  LinkedIn is his primary area of expertise, but he also helps people start their own small businesses.  He trains people on website development, social media, blogging, podcasting and sales development.  He also hosts a podcast called Unsubscribe From The Cubicle where he interviews entrepreneurs in order to find their roadmap to success.


Key Takeaways

  • Some people have 0 interest in running a business and that’s fine.
  • Don’t get stuck on which tech platform to use, learn your customers, your business and needs first.
  • Use the social platform that your audience prefers.
  • Where is the money coming from in your business? Then determine what is the right tool to get the job done.
    • It’s not about technology, but technology can exponentially grow what you already have.
  • Entrepreneurs need to focus on building the business instead of doing the work in the business.
  • Making calls and having conversations are the two critical steps to making money in a business.
  • Start with accountability, not tools.


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