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AB Periasamy builds software like an artist builds a masterpiece. By inspiring others to believe in the idea and the design and contribute to it’s success.

Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy is a free software contributor, angel investor and an entrepreneur.  AB is one of the founders of Minio, an open source cloud storage server. Prior to Minio, AB co-founded Gluster, an open source distributed filesystem. AB is also on the board of Free Software Foundation – India and has authored GNU FreeIPMI and GNU FreeTalk.


Key Takeaways

  • Don’t have people managers. Instead, build a culture that encourages self-managing individuals.
  • Software development is more like creating art than mass-producing products in a factory.
  • Build the culture and they will come.
  • Industry experts may be brilliant and also be the wrong people to have on your team.
    • They come with pre-conceptions on what will work and what won’t.
    • They might be motivated by money instead of by your goals.
  • Minimize the requirements, don’t throw in extra features just to compete.
  • Experiment on ideas to gaher more data before deciding on a solution.
  • Elect one benevolent dictator to represent the team after soliciting ideas and discussion options.
    • That person will take all the input and make the decision.
  • The first 10 people are the hardest to find. After 10 the recruiting becomes much easier.
  • The only asset you have from the beginning is belief. You must inspire others to share in that belief or connect with others that already believe.




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