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This is part two in a three part series, focused on the 3 team-centric attributes that help get you on more critical projects, have more input on the process and increase demand for your work.

Part One: Personal-Centric Attributes


Key Takeaways

  • Hello Tech Pros new mission is to help you Build Your Career, Build your Product and Build Your Business.
  • It’s critical to assess your personal or your team’s performance at least once or twice a year.
    • Determine where we are vs where we want to be and use as a catalyst for growth.
    • The assessments are context sensitive. The attributes are the same for everyone, but how we measure them depends on the individual’s experience level, their role and the expectations for them.
  • Personal-centric attributes are 100% in your control.
    • Integrity is the basis for trust.
    • Energy levels are infectious, so it’s important to squash negativity and foster confidence and motivation.
    • Accountability means being responsible, showing blamelessness and taking ownership of situations.
  • Team-centric attributes reflect how you interact with other people.
    • It’s more than just “play nicely with others”.
    • If you do these right, you will be put on more critical projects, allow you to have a voice at the table and increase the demand on your work because people will want to work with you.
    • Doing these wrong will keep you out of the loop, put you on low-priority work and lead to a dead-end career.
  • Teamwork is commonly stated but uncommonly practiced.
    • Help out others outside of assigned responsibilities.
    • Ask others what their pain points are and try to solve them.
    • How does your work impact others upstream or downstream?
    • Examples:
  • Communication breakdowns are one of the most common reported issues in individuals and team.
  • Adaptability is critical because we don’t have complete control over most of the changes that impact us at work.
    • The only consistency is that everything changes all the time.
    • We need to be learning and applying new skills to keep up with the market and competition.
    • Business priorities are always shifting, so we need to help the company adapt.
    • Examples:

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