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Besides a full-time technical staffer, Lauren Rutledge runs multiple online businesses.

Lauren Rutledge is a hungry, career minded professional that is motivated to grow herself & her team. Staffing technology professionals has become a passion of hers and she appreciates the opportunity to work with some really great people everyday!


Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurs don’t get much sleep, but they get excited about solving people’s problems and staying active.
  • If your product or service was available elsewhere, would you buy theirs instead of building your own?
  • Entrepreneurs are makers. They are doers.
  • Time management is critical to get all the things done.
  • Instagram-based boutique stores are popular.
    • Customers ask questions and place orders via comments on a product picture.
  • Don’t wait to see if it’s going to work, jump in!
  • You have to nail your audience and nail your brand.
  • Be a consumate learner and hustler.
  • Always keep evolving.

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