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Balancing a job in a startup, running a news aggregator site, hosting a podcast and maintaining a long-distance relationship? Keith Chima explains how he does it all.

Keith Chima is a software developer at a healthcare startup, and founder of, a web app that discovers and previews the most popular video game articles of the day and sorts them in order of relative popularity.




Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of video game news sites so it’s hard for new sites to have break-out virality of the bigger sites.
  • Feedly API enables developers to rank the relative popularity of an article.
  • Enjoy what you do for a career but have another outlet. If you are a software developer who loves writing code at work and at home, find something outside of coding to provide balance.
  • Even if you love your career, you can still suffer from burnout.
  • Set up todo lists and tasks for your side-hustles then reward yourself with time away.
  • Make time every day for the relationships you value, even if you are remote.
    • Use Skype or play video games to keep in contact.
  • Seek out companies that have a lot of families and respect family life.
  • Value your own time, set goals and reward yourself. Allow yourself to be happy.


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