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John Michael is a designer/front-end developer who teamed up with co-worker Paul Groetzner to start a software company while keeping both of their 9-5 day jobs. Nine months later, they are gearing up for their official launch and would like to share their experience of starting with nothing to producing a viable market product with zero funding.


Key Takeaways

  • When working in mid/large-sized companies, we have limited input into changing the company’s direction without significant effort.
  • Entrepreneurs sometimes feel they can do it better.
  • When finding a business partner, try a small project first to test out the partnership dynamics.
  • To get product ideas, ask business owners what software they use and what limitations they have.
  • Subscription-model revenue is ideal for many startups.
  • Partner with your initial customers to gain industry knowledge.
  • Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the beginning because they are trying to come up with something that’s never been thought of before. Instead, look at existing products & services and do it better.
  • Find niche industries where technology has been stagnant.

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