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Bruce Langford has been a presenter and writer in the field of Bullying Prevention for over a decade and that has led him to the field of mindfulness. He is now a Mindfulness Coach and Podcast host of Mindfulness Mode Podcast. Bruce is adamant that the world will be a better place as more people begin to embrace the practice of mindfulness.



  • Minio Cloud Storage – Store photos, videos, VMs containers, log files or any blob of data as objects.


Key Takeaways

  • Routines and habits can be positive or negative. Build routines and habits that further your personal and career goals.
  • Listen to what kids love and what they want and spend time with them doing things they enjoy.
  • Use kids as accountability partner and vice versa.
  • Be vocal about your goals.
  • Take time to be quiet and silence your brain.
  • Be an amazing listener with your whole self.

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