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Bill Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studio in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.


Key Takeaways

  • Companies need to train internerally.
    • Put budgeting dollars for each person to go to conferences and get involved in the communities.
  • Does software performance really matter? Most people would say “Yes.”
    • If that’s true, we only need Assembly language and C++.
    • It’s been more about productivity of the development team.
  • Go really shines about helping software developers be really productive.
  • 4 cornerstones of writing software (thinking, code reviews).
    • Integrity — Every read and write operation is consistent and accurate. Don’t corrupt data.
    • Readability — Code needs to be easily readable and understood.
      • Being able to look at a block of code and understand what its doing without really thinking about it.
      • Ability to look at code and understand the cost of that code, not layers and layers of abstraction.
    • Simplicity — To reduce the number of lines of code, it may mean giving up readability.
      • Simplicity on purpose, with data and profiling to back it up.
    • Performance — With known benchmarking and profiling.
  • Google is funding this language – networking, CLI, tooling.
    • Mobile dev with Go is coming.
    • IOT is going to be sweet spot for Go.


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