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Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can lead to big problems with productivity on a team. Here are some issues to look out for and solutions to apply that have worked for me in my career.


Key Takeaways

  • Social Anxiety disorder is a spectrum.
  • It affects how you feel and think about yourself which affects how you interact with other people which affects your productivity in group settings.
  • Problems:
    • Lack of self-confidence leading to not speaking up, sharing ideas or volunteering.
    • Elicits fight, flight, freeze responses which can escalate small issues into major drama.
    • Self-deprecating comments leads to disrespect by team members (self-fulfilling prophesy).
    • Lose focus on the technical problem because worried about the people problems.
    • Don’t want to deal with the people problems so get wrapped around the technical problems. Leads to infinite loop.
  • Solutions:
    • You are awesome. Believe it.
    • When a fight, flight, freeze response happens, think about it objectively. Take some time before responding.
    • Don’t use self-deprecating humor. Or use it less regularly. Or say “sometimes I feel like…” or “I think I am…”
    • Focus on resolving the people problems and the technical problems will be a lot easier.
    • Forgive yourself of your mistakes. Focus on your small wins.


Resources Mentioned

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