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Alex Barker is a coach for high achievers and mastermind creator for entrepreneurs. He’s a big action taker, just like his clients. He built 3 businesses in 3 years, paid off his house in less 3 years, and has coached over 50 people to build lifestyle businesses. He podcasts on the 66 Day Experiment, where he experiments on his life and business, like creating a business in 66 days, reading a book a day, and facing daily rejection. His mission is to help men and women find a disciplined approach to success in life and business.


Key Takeaways

  • Are you being productive or just working hard?
  • Ask yourself, “What am I doing and how can I change?”
  • Change your morning habits to build a new routine that enhances productivity.
  • Slay your dragons in the morning. Focus on the hardest things that you tend to procrastinate.
  • Decision fatigue affects your ability to make decisions throughout the day.
  • Capitalize on the compound effect of taking daily action. Over time it will yield big results.
  • All it takes is one big client to enable your business to be successful.
  • Accept who you are and capitalize on your strengths.
  • If you take action on the first day of a new opportunity, you will be much further ahead than if you hadn’t.
  • When you have success, people want to know how you got successful. You now have an opportunity to start coaching.
  • There is a difference between a coach and a consultant – consultant gives you the information and a coach provides support.
  • Everyone believes what they are missing is the knowledge to do something. The thing that is stopping them is their own doubts.
  • People are afraid of others judging them. For example, they are afraid of selling their product or service because people will think you’re just trying to rip them off.
  • The most important aspect of creating productivity is self-discipline, not time management.
  • You need both faith and belief.


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