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Key Takeaways

  • I bought the domain on February 9, 2016.
  • On Feb 10 I was laid off from work and started socializing the idea that I wanted to start a podcast.
  • I came up with the 7-day a week format quickly figuring that one or two would “break out” and others would die off over time.
    • There is more value in creating the wrong thing than there is in planning something that never comes to fruition.
    • My original goal was to get to 100 episodes. The stretch goal is 365.
    • First milestone was to record 30 episodes before publishing any, that way I’m 4 weeks ahead on my production calendar.
  • I immediately set my LinkedIn profile job title to “Podcast Host at” which resulted in about 10-12 interviews scheduled from people who said “Congrats on the new position.”
  • I solicited many more from friends and past colleagues. It was tough to explain what I was doing when I didn’t have anything published to show.
  • I launched on April 4 with 32 episodes in the can but with some MAJOR gaps.
    • Did not edit any episodes and did not realize how much time it takes to edit.
    • Spent the next 8-10 days trying to stay one day ahead of publishing schedule.
    • Day 22 found an audio editing team at Transource Media when Rally Vargas contacted me on LinkedIn.
  • Over time got feedback on my “pitch” for guests and worked that feedback into PDF docs and website.
  • Places to look for guests:
    • Friends, family and colleagues. They already know, like and trust me. The biggest problem is convincing them that have something important to share and that they won’t sound like an idiot.
    • Friend of a friend. Who in your network would make a great guest?
    • LinkedIn – Who has a great position at an interesting company? Who writes articles on LinkedIn? Who is liking, sharing and interacting with MY posts?
    • Twitter – Companies, brands and those that follow them. User groups, tech associations, conferences, speakers, presenters.
    • User groups – Many like-minded people are not just hanging out, they are presenting and teaching and learning.
    • Conferences – Need to start presenting.
    • Other podcasts. Both the hosts and their guests.


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